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Private coaching sessions are exclusively designed for your needs. No matter where you are in your journey a little bit of light, a nudge, and direction makes Everest of a difference. Career, Finances, Sleep, Family, Relationships, Meditation, Yoga whatever you need help with, I, Piyush Gaur am here to help you in your journey.

"To learn life, success, and happiness. Give. Have a Will to even give the ashes of your bones in service to humankind. In giving lies all the secrets."

Piyush Gaur

Private Coaching for Young Professionals

Promoting young professionals’ personal and professional development is essential because young professionals face unique obstacles in their early careers. They struggle to balance their personal and professional lives, which causes stress, burnout, and a lack of self-care. Imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and a fear of failure accompany their struggles with identity and purpose. They need help with difficulties on the professional front, such as a lack of experience, limited job opportunities, and difficulty establishing a professional network. Additionally, they require assistance navigating office politics, dealing with difficult co-workers or supervisors, and feeling undervalued or underpaid.

How does mindfulness help young professionals?

By teaching mindfulness, Piyush Gaur helps young professionals improve their well-being, productivity, and success. He makes them focus on their breath, body sensations, thoughts, and emotions; he teaches people to be more present. This aids individuals in developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence and a greater awareness of their thoughts and feelings.

Through mindfulness, Piyush Gaur assists them in developing discipline and perseverance at the start of their careers, preparing them for the future. He employs tactical business models that cultivate time management skills, encourages career advancement, and improve negotiations and presentations to assist young professionals in making the best use of everything. Also, he teaches people about pressure and tension administration methodologies in light of care, like yoga or contemplation. He also works with working-age professionals to set goals, encourage regular mindfulness practice, and track progress over time.

“Mindfulness helps you go home to the present. And every time you go there and recognise a condition of happiness that you have, happiness comes.”

How it Works?

Click the link below, book a time and let us know what we help you with. Be as descriptive as you can. I, Piyush Gaur will reach out to you, should I need any more information.

How much do you charge?

 For our first session, there is no charge. I want to help and see you move forward in life; with that beautiful smile and bliss.

What can I expect to get out of session?

 Depending on what you need help with, you will have access to proven models, frameworks, worksheets, journals, and assignments designed by Piyush Gaur and  team. I will share with you all ancient to contemporary mindfulness and yogic techniques, and a holistic life approach to reach your goal and guide you through at every step.
Rekindle & Ramp-Up your life with Piyush Gaur’s Mindfulness Coaching

Coaching for Corporates

There are a variety of issues that corporations and their employees face that affect the organisation’s success and well-being. High turnover, increased absenteeism, and decreased productivity are all possible outcomes. Employee burnout is a common problem that long work hours, high job demands, and a lack of work-life balance cause.

In a survey of over 1,000 employees, 76% reported experiencing burnout at work at least some of the time. (Source: Deloitte). A study conducted by the Harvard Business School estimated that burnout costs employers $125 billion to $190 billion a year in healthcare costs. (Source: Harvard Business Review).

Conflict in the workplace, difficulty adapting to change, a lack of diversity and inclusion, and a disconnect between the values of employees and the organisation’s culture are all potential additional issues. Competition, regulatory compliance, and financial pressures may also challenge corporations. A commitment to fostering an environment that values diversity, inclusion, and innovation, fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture, and promoting employee well-being and engagement are necessary for addressing these issues.

How does Mindfulness help teams?

Through various methods and practices, Piyush Gaur imparts mindfulness to corporates. He assists businesses in creating a more positive and productive work environment, increasing employee engagement and retention, and enhancing overall performance and success by teaching them mindfulness techniques. He gives workshops or training sessions for employees that are based on mindfulness. These workshops improve self-awareness, emotional intelligence, or stress reduction strategies like yoga or meditation. To assist employees in developing a regular mindfulness practice and incorporating mindfulness into their workday, he provides ongoing support and coaching in group settings or one-on-one. He also works with executives or managers to develop mindfulness-based leadership skills like making decisions and communicating well.

Piyush Gaur’s mindfulness coaching has had great success in businesses where HR departments have seen high levels of employee retention and engagement in company operations. Employee turnover has seen a significant decrease. Employees are becoming more present, content, and productive in their jobs. Thanks to mindfulness, they have prioritised, better managed their time, and finished tasks with dedication. This demonstrates how mindfulness has contributed to the business’s success and helped employees improve their well-being.

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