Piyush Gaur

An ancient yogi in the modern world

Who is Piyush Gaur


Piyush Gaur is a renowned mindfulness coach in Toronto. He is an ambassador for peace, a humanitarian leader, and a lifetime mindfulness practitioner. He is a modern-day version of an ancient yogi on a mission to bring people closer to the Self and live a happy, successful life filled with mindfulness. He firmly believes that each path has truth, leading to the same universal belief. 

Early Life

Piyush comes from a long line of Brahmins who have taught and practiced yoga and meditation for thousands of years. He was born in the Himalayan foothills. His courageous freedom-fighter grandfather would entice him with stories about his father, the chief priest at one of India’s largest pilgrimages. He started learning and practicing the Indian philosophies his family had passed down to him after that. After learning them all, Piyush looked into various spiritual paths in search of his path, but he still needed to feel fulfilled.

As a young boy, Piyush defied certain customs and looked for his spiritual path in ancient Vedic culture, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Sikhism, and Sufism. Gurudwaras, temples, and churches were where he spent time with accomplished yogis and saints in the 16 cities he lived in throughout India. Agnosticism and scientism also attracted him. He was influenced by tales about Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Kabir, Mirabai, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans, Dr. King, Gandhi, and Stephen Hawking. And in the end, he found his way and connected with people who left the world to benefit others and serve them. He continues to travel this path today to assist other people in achieving their goals. Alternately, to live in the modern world mindfully like an ancient yogi.


Education and Professional Life

After earning two engineering degrees and an MBA from renowned universities worldwide, Piyush worked in the high-tech industry for Sony, Blackberry, SFX, and Telus. He has introduced many novel products throughout his professional career, currently used by millions worldwide. He has even collaborated with industry giants like Google and Amazon to launch cutting-edge technology products displayed at CES and MWC. Piyush attributes his life’s successes and accomplishments to the consistent practice of yogic and meditative traditions, which have always kept him grounded. He frequently devised methods during his time to share his knowledge with others who were going through similar spiritual journeys and gain an understanding of their worldviews and beliefs. Throughout his professional career, he continued his goodwill work with UPF (Universal Peace Federation), educating teens worldwide about mindfulness practices.

Step Towards Becoming Mindfulness Coach

When Piyush was caught in the crosshairs of life during Covid, he realized his true calling. He decided to dedicate his life to serving the community and spreading mindfulness. Through the provision of mindfulness classes, the dissemination of Yogic advice, and the establishment of a space where individuals could develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually, he exerted even greater effort to assist individuals in finding greater peace and significance. In 2020, he established a mental health foundation in Toronto and became Mindfulness Coach.

How Can Mindfulness Help You?

Mindfulness’s theoretical benefits are self-control, objectivity, affect tolerance, increased flexibility, equanimity, enhanced concentration and mental clarity, emotional intelligence, and the capacity to relate to oneself and others with kindness, acceptance, and compassion.

When you connect with your inner calm, all the forces in the universe will work together to make things possible for you. You already have every answer and solution you need from outside sources. With the light of realization, self-assurance, and mindfulness, you can walk the path to success and fulfillment. You only need someone to lead you a short distance. And Piyush can assist you in becoming that mindfulness coach.

Your mind will immediately become more peaceful after the session with Piyush Gaur. It will free you from life’s rushing around and help you set up your outlook in the right way for your independent direction. He tells stories from ancient and modern times that make it possible to live a life with meaning and happiness by subtly and profoundly altering one’s perspective. He assists you in making connections among yoga, leadership, resilience, perseverance, mindfulness, and spirituality. There are several actionable takeaways from his strategy that you can immediately implement to effect the desired change.

Impact of Mindfulness Coaching

Piyush has significantly impacted many people’s lives over a decade, bringing inner peace and professional, financial, and interpersonal success. Many of the students Piyush has coached are earning more than six figures. Many people are now physically fit, able to sleep better, and happy in their relationships. His stories have fundamentally improved people’s outlook on life. Many documented that their resting heart rate decreased by 15 to 20 bpm’ felt more motivated, had no room for negative thoughts, and radiated happiness

During his MBA, he spoke to many people about technology, products, business, or Career. Now, people say that 10 minutes of conversation changed their life and now they are in the right place in their careers. Its 10 mins conversation brought the change.

In the hustle of life, when people can’t even sleep, Piyush has helped them realize their life’s purpose. They found they’re being amidst all the chaos & uncertainties. The mind is like water. When it’s turbulent, it isn’t easy to see. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear, and Piyush Gaur’s mindfulness coaching has brought that missing peace in people’s life.

Mindfulness Coaching

• Corporate Mindfulness Sessions in Canada: These mindfulness sessions focus on team building, motivation, productivity, creativity, and leadership. He helps employees come together through storytelling and mindfulness workshops, improving health, time management, and teamwork, ultimately improving productivity and performance.

• Private Coaching: In these mindfulness sessions, he helps young professionals better understand their skills and interests, advance in their careers, manage their time and conflicts, and negotiate better. The actionable mindfulness techniques improve feelings of calmness, positivity, clarity of thought, the right mindset for judgment, a sharper intellect, and an energized body, in addition to eliminating emotions like depression, stress, anger, frustration, jealousy, and anxiety. They become physically fit, emotionally strong, and focused on their spirituality.

• Mindfulness for Teens: Whether it’s technology, a mad race for likes, streaks, and fame, the breakup of families, a pure cut-throat capitalistic mindset, a self-centered perspective on life, or a lack of a mental health support system—teenagers are having difficulties and frequently do not have anyone to talk to. Piyush Gaur visits Canadian high schools to help kids practice mindfulness at the right age. He talks about mindfulness practices and a way of life that calms teens’ hearts and minds, gives them clarity of thought and the right attitude to make decisions, and helps them understand what matters in life and what is temporary.

• Wellness Retreats: He takes 11 selected individuals to one of India’s most exclusive and magnificent retreats each year. During the retreat’s nature exploration, it is very likely that you will run into some of the most unusual Himalayan yogis. This will open the door to a new universe. Universe of unending affection, inspiration, power, and happiness.

• Events: Clubhouse, Toronto, and other Studios host ongoing mindfulness sessions. In India, he collaborates with several-governmental organizations to offer mindfulness classes to schoolchildren and professionals, including classes for MBA students at the Rotman School of Management, the University of Toronto, and numerous other world-class management schools.

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