Once You Connect with your inner calm,

all the forces in Universe will conspire to make things Possible for You.
- Piyush Gaur

I want to share with you the mindfulness practices and life tools to bring success, prosperity, and peace of mind that I have learned throughout my corporate and Yogic journey. Get daily affirmations, and connect with me on my different social media handles.

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About us

Not everyone believes in how philosophy of lives brings positive change and hence, not everyone believes in sharing their stories. But I, Piyush Gaur am glad you’re here. I am an ambassador for peace, a corporate leader and a lifelong Mindfulness practitioner. I teach a lifestyle that helps you to be fit physically, mentally grow into your infinite potential, achieve your goals and be in bliss spiritually.

I will give yogic and meditative secrets and actionable models that will bring mental peace, joy, calmness and all this while you make your mark on life.

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Our Programs

You will find the best meditation classes and programs for Corporates, and Young Professionals to bring clarity to goals, and increase productivity and inclusivity in leadership with the help of  mindfulness and well-being coach, Piyush Gaur

Private Coaching

We create a safe space for you to grow and guide you through the life of purpose and happiness by providing mindfulness sessions.


We provide mindfulness workshops for performance and productivity to various organizations and Universities.


We share mindfulness practices, secrets and ways
for you to expand your personal
and professional life growth

Wellness Retreats

Unlock your limitless through
getaways that help you rediscover yourself and multiply your happiness to infinity.

Life Changing Process

Piyush Gaur will work with you at every step in your journey to discovery miraculous strength within you


A healthy body is the first
happiness and joy


Calm mind cuts through the noise
and manifests miracles


Rivers’ discipline is to flow, yours is the constant improvement

Think Big!

What you think, will you become.
Think and dream big


Uniquely crafted sessions have brought tremendous benefits to every group, enhancing their well-being, and sense of interc0nnectedness

  • Private Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Corporate Teams
  • Group Sessions
Maintain High Energy and Alertness throughout the Day
Clarity and Attainment of Life Goals
Deep Sleep; Alleviate Chronic Ailments & Health Benefits
Connect with your
Inner Calm
Be always Inspired and Motivated
Eliminate Stress, Anxiety and Develop Mental Toughness
Achieve Joy, Clarity and Fulfillment
Master the art of Attachment and Detachment
Sound discernment and Astute Decision Making
Heightened Awareness and interconnectedness
Build Deeper and Meaningful Relationships
Sleep Better, Improve Creativity & Focus
Foster Connectedness and Positive Interdependence
Higher Engagement and Work-Life Balance
Achieve Joy, Clarity, and Fulfillment
Boost Resilience and
Improved Emotional
Increase Creativity, Focus
and Productivity
Strengthen Resilience and Achieve Life Goals
Connect with your Inner Calm & Deep Sleep every day
Heightened Life Awareness, Compassion and Joy
Alleviate Chronic Ailments
And gain Health Benefits
Improve Self Confidence and
Self Esteem
Enhance Focus, Performance
and Productivity

Why mindfulness coaching is required?

See, It took us 2000 years to get from a cart to a car and merely 50 years from a car to a spaceship. The growth we have made in technology is unparallel. We all are in the race to improve life, achieve more, and go beyond. All this is good, and life does mean expansion. But it needs to be a ‘complete’ expansion, balanced with the journey within.

Mindfulness takes you within. It brings an understanding of life, clarity of purpose, and infinite strength to achieve your goals. Mindfulness coaching is different for everyone. Depending on where you need to grow the muscle, a mindfulness coach will work with you to develop a plan focused on physical fitness, emotional strength, and spiritual journey. If you would like to do a session with me, my philosophy is to connect with yourSelf first; once you connect with your inner calm, all the powers in the universe will conspire to make things work for you. 

With this belief, we will together work on meditation, yoga, Deep Sleep, lifestyle, relationships, career management, negotiations, manifestations, and social connections.

Keynote Speaker


Whether you’re hosting an event or looking for someone to help your team accelerate their performance, get in touch to see how Piyush Gaur can assist you. 


Note from the founder

We all know someone in friends or family who is suffering from mental health issues. I lost someone very close to me in this battle at a very young age. And since then I have made this my life mission to spread awareness, teach the methods and bring mindfulness practices into a lifestyle.

Today we live in a world, where many of our loved ones are on medication, under the label of stress, anxiety, insomnia, or depression. Mindfulness does not come in a pill nor it is in the app. It is there within you. The infinite ocean of bliss, strength, and possibilities, is all within you. Our society, unfortunately, is changing at a very fast pace; the breaking of families, a pure cut-throat capitalistic mindset, a super self-centered view of life, or a lack of mental health support system, the individuals are struggling and often have no one to talk to. My purpose is to make everyone, I come in contact with, experience this ocean of infinity within them. Once a regular practice of mindfulness is established, you will be 

physically fit, emotionally strong, untouched by the problems of life, able to think clearly, sleep properly, and make the right decisions in life. You will see the tremendous effect on your relationships – personal and professional both.

Everyone’s body is different and so are its needs. In my mindfulness coaching, I will work with you to cater to your needs. We will work together on an actionable plan that can cover – meditation, thoughts, sleep, food, lifestyle, career, finances, and relationships. Any and every aspect of life, depending on where can I support. I have spent a considerable amount of time in hi-tech corporates, and startups; a lot of individual stress and depression come from the work environment. And hence in my corporate mindfulness coaching, I focus on team motivation, camaraderie, and team empathy, resulting in increased team performance, retention, and recommendation scores.

Whatever your needs are, talk to someone. Talk to me. I will be more than happy to help.

Wellness Retreat in an Elephant Village

India lives in many centuries at the same time. We bring to you two of the rarest and splendid retreats from this grandmother of legend. This will open the gateway to a new universe for you. Universe of infinite love, strength and bliss.

Let’s walk the journey together and receive: